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The Four Gates for Peak Team Performance program is available now for a limited time online as a live, cohort-based course. Developed by renowned leadership expert Dr. Britt Andreatta, this course is grounded in science with a special focus on the neuroscience of bringing out the best in people and teams. This ground-breaking approach will give you new tools and strategies you can implement immediately to consistently create peak-performing teams. You will also learn best practices to deliver this course effectively in your organization.

Next cohort starts March 6th.

Join The Next Live Cohort starting on March 6th 

Course Schedule 

Wednesdays from 9-11 am PT / 11-1pm CT / 12-2 pm ET

Session 1: Overview

March 6th

Session 2: Team Leaders

March 13th

Session 3: Team Members

March 20th

Session 4: Senior Leaders/Executives

March 27th

During this engaging learning experience, you will learn:


The Path of Team Development

Teams take one of three paths: a leap to excellence, a journey to sufficient but unexceptional performance, or a spiral into dysfunction and learned helplessness. Discover the elements that determine their trajectory.
Team Work

Types of Team Work

Every day, teams are asked to move along the continuum of coordination, cooperation, and collaboration. Explore the crucial differences between them and the necessary skills to be successful at each.

Psychological Safety and Inclusion

Study after study shows that psychological safety is the key differentiator of high-performing teams. Learn how to assess and develop psychological safety as well as belonging and inclusion.

Brain Science of Teams

While people are biologically wired to connect with others, critical conditions must be met in order to drive peak performance at work. Discover how to create what scientists call neural synchrony and rhythm of team, the hallmark of peak-performing teams.

How our facilitators have benefited from Four Gates to Peak Team Performance

“I’ve done the ‘required’ management and leadership training at a number of companies from small startups to giants in the enterprise space—including Microsoft and Cisco—and without a doubt the training that Britt Andreatta has created has been the most engaging and useful of all.”
~ Tim Ahlers, VP of Product, Avvo
“Best session! My biggest takeaway was the criteria within the four gates, especially psychological safety. I’m on a project now that has had a complete breakdown of trust. After this session, I went back and implemented the tools, and had some crucial conversations. We’ve seen some improvement!”

~ Manager, DPR Construction
"I love the way Britt has synthesized leading brain science research with tried and true methods for leading people. My managers are eating it up! The Train-The-Trainer was easy to navigate and provided me the flexibility I need to juggle multiple priorities. The team has been very responsive and collaborative in supporting our rollout."
~ Director of Learning & Development, Amobee

What you'll get in this Live Cohort for Four Gates to Peak Team Performance

Four Gates to Peak Performance

8 Hours of Live Content + 1 Hour of Coaching with the Brain Aware Team

You’ll participate in a highly interactive experience gaining practical strategies to lead your team more effectively. With 8 hours of live content and a complimentary one-on-one coaching session, you'll have all the support you need to succeed now and into the future.
ATD CI Preapproved

ATD CI Preapproved Education Provider

The Four Gates for Peak Team Performance is eligible for 8 APTD/ CPTD for initial eligibility and recertification of the Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) and Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) credentials.

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