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Based on Dr. Britt Andreatta’s research on the neuroscience of change, Change Quest is the brain-based approach to leading change. Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. 
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The Change Quest Model

Change Quest is a neuroscience–based training program that helps individuals and organizations drive successful change. Change is a journey, not an event. The reason 50-70% of change initiatives fail is that typical approaches to managing change don’t take into account human biology and that we are wired to resist change. But once you understand the four brain structures activated by change, you can intentionally mitigate their effects - increasing people’s adaptability and resilience. This ground-breaking approach will give participants new tools and strategies they can implement immediately.

During this engaging learning experience, participants will discover:

Types of change: Not all change is created equal. Change initiatives can be plotted against how long they take to roll out and how much disruption they will cause. Learn how to identify and map the four main types of changes.
Levels of motivation: People are motivated for change based on how much choice they have and whether they want or desire the change. Learn to assess people’s motivation for any specific change and gain important insight about the leadership skills needed to move them forward.
Brain activation: There are four key brain structures that can be activated by change. Learn how to identify which brain structures are involved with any change and how to mitigate their effects.
Roles of leaders: Successful change is co-created by everyone at the organization. Learn how the roles of employees, managers, and leaders differ and how to empower each level to perform at their best.
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Within a few short weeks, you can begin rolling out this world-class training to your organization. The online Train-The-Trainer program is self-paced, making it easy to get up and running quickly. No need to travel or wait for a public session. All the teaching materials (presentation decks, videos) are immediately available, allowing you to customize them as you learn.

Assignments help you prepare to deliver the content - you’ll receive personalized feedback from Dr. Andreatta and her team of learning and development professionals.

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