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Brain Aware Executive is a science-based learning solution that gives executives the critical skills they need to drive success in their organizations.
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Your executive leaders operate at a strategic level, requiring a sophisticated program uniquely tailored to their needs. Created by Dr. Britt Andreatta, the Brain Aware® Executive is a science-based learning solution that gives senior leaders the critical skills to drive continued success across the organization and into the future.

This unique and effective program is delivered in a cohort model through live learning sessions (in-person and video meetings). Sessions are used for hands-on application and contextualizing the content for your organization’s unique culture and long-term strategic vision. Material can flex with real-time discussions and decision-making. Every engaging session brings greater alignment for your executive team, leading to faster achievement of your organization’s critical goals. Brain Aware® Executive includes six interconnected topics creating a set of holistic skills.

Growth Icon
Organizational Growth
and Change
Greiner Model of org
growth & development
Assessing org and
function stages
Anticipating pain points
Aligning talent and
operation strategies
Strategic Vision
and Execution
Leading with vision
Crafting effective strategy
Assessing strategy failure
Eliminating barriers
to execution
Building a purpose-driven
Unlock Emotional Intelligence Icon
Creating an Emotionally
Intelligent Org
Data/ROI on increasing
emotional intelligence
Neuroscience of power
blind spots
Amygdala hijacks and
triggers among exec team
Team Icon
Building a Culture of
Team Excellence
Types of teamwork
Paths to dysfunction &
learned helplessness
Creating psych safety,
inclusion and belonging
Strategies to build culture
of high performance
Leading Through Challenges Icon
Leading Effective
Assessing impact
Types of failure
Mapping changes
Overcoming resistance
Increasing adaptability
Designing successful
Innovation Icon
Boosting Creativity
and Innovation
Critical differences of
creativity & innovation
Science of insight
Pathways to innovation
Org maturity models
Strategies to increase
creativity and innovation
  • “I absolutely credit this executive training and coaching for helping us to change our culture. As a result, we were able to have critical conversations, build better trust, and become a peak-performing team.”
    Tim Tully, Chief Technology Officer
  • "I have partnered with Britt on several major initiatives. She rapidly assesses a business situation and is able to apply the perfect concepts and craft a learning journey that enhances participants’ capability to achieve their goals. I can’t imagine taking a company through rapid growth or major change without her.”
    Kelly McGill, Chief People Officer, 
    Lighthouse (formerly Amazon, Avvo, and LinkedIn)
  • “I appreciate how Dr. Andreatta gives me insight into the ‘whys’ behind the ‘hows.’ This training arrived just as I was launching a new change initiative in my organization—and it immediately showed me several things I needed to address to increase our chance of success.”
    Kevin Goldsmith, Chief Technology Officer
    Avvo & Spotify

Based on the best-selling books 

Wired to Grow, Wired to Resist,
Wired to Connect, and
Wired to Become
by Dr. Britt Andreatta, an internationally recognized thought leader (in learning and leadership), speaker, consultant, and certified executive coach.

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